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EPL series Large Pole Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck
No heat build up or deformation provides high precision accuracy
No electricity required to keep the Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck ON.
All Metal Top Plate of Brass and Steel lamination provides full active magnetic area.
Variable power makes it possible to adjust the magnetic force.
Large transverse pole arrangement, suitable for milling work .

For heavy milling of large and thick workpieces. For large air gaps.
- min. thickness of workpiece: 35 mm
- min. size of workpiece: 150 x 150 mm2
- nominal holding force: 170 N/cm2


For grinding application of all sizes of jobs.
Electro Permanent Magnetic Chucks are suitable for horizontal spindke surface grinding machines as the main cutting thrust is towards the length of the chuck, poles at right angle of the wheel give more gripping of the jobs.



- optimized high energy magnetic system concentration to the workpiece
- total chuck surface active, no ”dead” zones
- solid mono-block construction
- real magnetic (N/S) poles
- electro-permanent system, guaranteeing safe operation during power failure
- pole separation with brass for optimal wear behaviour
- pole plate wearing limit 8 mm
- tapped holes grid for fixed or flexible pole raisers on request (M)
- T-slots possible on pole pitch P=85 mm according DIN 650-10H10 (T)
- mounting slots in both short faces
- through holes for mounting in sizes over 1000 mm length on specification
- robust and waterproof




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