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Sine permanent  magnetic chuck

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5sides clear machining access
All useful strokes used
Work pieces larger than the table surface are machinable
Unique tooling
Simplified CNC or FMS programming

Limited capital outlay
No maintenance
No modification to the machine and to the line
Reduced consumption of tools
High-value over time

Constant and concentrated force
No electric power supply during clamping
Ergonomic in operation
No dispersion of magnetic flux
No interference

Easy and quick set-up
Drastic reduction in downtime
Higher stock-removal rates
Facilitated interaction with CAD/CAM systems
Improved finishing and greater accuracies

Selecting the right solution

The standard series of Super-EPM chucks include more versions which have different performance characteristics. Capable of adapting to different operating needs, depending on the thickness. The surface condition (or the operating air gap) and the dimensions of the work piece to be clamped. The clamping force of each version depends on the different dimension types of poles and on the configurations of the magnetic area.
Each pair of N/S poles generates an autonomous and defined force which is not influenced by the operating conditions of the other adjacent poles. Therefore by counting the number of poles occupied by the clamped piece it is possible to predetermine the force generated and consequently to establish the usable machine power with the relative machining parameters.
As an indication we can say that a pair of size 50 poles (50*50mm) can enable processing of up to 2 kw machine absorption, while a pair of size 75 poles (75*75mm) can go up to 4 kw

Standard polar density version comprising size 75 poles with a force of 780 kgf for each pole.
Ideal for general pieces of various dimensions with normal operating air gaps and medium thickmesses and for use in table configurations.
Electric-permanet magnetic chuck

EPM75                                   C=68mm
Model A
(mm )
(mm )
Number of poles Weight
306 310 620 12 95
308 310 820 16 125
310 310 1020 20 155
506 460 620 18 125
508 460 820 24 165
510 460 1020 30 210
606 600 620 24 180
608 600 820 32 200
610 600 1020 40 295


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